Are you in the market for new carpet?

In today’s market, there are hundreds if not thousands of different options available for consumers interested in re-carpeting their home.  This process can be very overwhelming at first, but once you have a general idea of what’s available and what type will best suit your needs, the process then becomes very easy. The options are vast as are the color choices so you are almost guaranteed to find a suitable option that fits your taste and your budget.

Currently offered in the marketplace are three main types of residential carpeting: Cut pile, loop pile (berber), and cut loop.   (There are a few others, but we will stick with these for now.)  So what exactly is each of these and how do they compare?

Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet


Cut pile carpeting

Available in an endless array of colors, cut pile carpet is the most commonly used carpet type in American homes today.  The carpet industry has three ‘textures’ of cut pile carpet available, described as plush, textured saxony, and frieze. Plush (which is also called a velvet), has a dense and uniform appearance, which you would choose if you were looking for a more formal application such as a dining room or bedroom. You may recall the popularity of this carpet in the 80’s when visible vacuum marks were a must. The texture

Textured Carpet

Textured Carpet or Plush Carpet

 of a saxony is more random and irregular, and has a place most anywhere in a home.  Frieze is the least formal of these three and has a ‘curly’ characteristic to it.   This look is obtained from highly twisted yarn, and because of this, a higher durability is achieved.


Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet

Berber carpeting

This carpet style comes in a level loop or multi level loop option (to create pattern), and is constructed of a thicker yarn than you will see in other types to heighten durability. This carpet is best suited for areas that are informal such as family rooms, children’s bedrooms or playrooms, but can also make a beautiful change to most any room of your home with berber.  However, one important issue worth mentioning about this type is that seaming can be a task for even the most seasoned installer.  Because of the short nap and thicker yarn it contains, seams will be more likely to show in most cases but in varying degrees of intensity.

Cut Loop/Cut uncut/ carpeting

If you’re looking for a way to add personality and character to your floor, this type of carpeting just might be for you.  Cut loop carpeting

Vine Pattern Carpet

Vine Pattern Carpet

comes in a large variety of patterns consisting of everything from your basic square to large luxurious vine patterns or even animal patterns if you’re looking to create a more edgy/modern look.   Generally these carpets are made of higher yarn qualities (which we will discuss later on) and for this reason the durability is generally quite high for this category. 

So you’ve made your decision about what look/type you’re going for, what should you consider next?