The Beauty of a DIY Project

In early 2000, a once used acronym reappeared and later on even became the name of a channel that millions watch.  DIY.  DIY stands for “Do it Yourself”.   The attitude of a Do it Yourself is such that he/she will seek out the knowledge necessary to do a specific task (such as install carpet tile) versus paying an installer out of convenience.  DIY also promotes the idea that we are all capable of far more than we realize, and it’s no longer uncommon to walk into our neighbor’s house and lay eyes on a beautiful hardwood or laminate floor that they themselves installed.  All it takes to be a DIY’r is the willingness to learn, to accept trial and error and to have patience.  

In the floor covering industry, there are many things that consumers are able to easily install and save themselves a ton of money.   However, it is important to note a few things before considering a project:

  • Does the manufacturer of the product you are installing require it to be installed by a professional to validate the warranty? If so, stop here and consult a professional.
  • View the manufacturer’s web site for installation videos.  Most all have them available for use plus a consumer line for technical questions.  Do you feel a comfort level compatible with being able to install the product?
  • Do you want to install carpet?  While there are situations where this can be done, we never recommend installing wall to wall carpet to a DIY’r. (Carpet tiles, yes, but not wall to wall)   The reason for this is that the ability to install carpet is an art that is learned over time which cannot be learned in a weekend or in a short time span. You are almost guaranteed disaster if you attempt this, so leave installing your wall to wall carpet to the professionals.

Here is a listing of flooring products that many consumers have successfully installed in their homes over the years: