The Care and Maintenance of Your New Hardwood Floor

Maintaining your hardwood floor is easier than ever with new technologies in surfaces as well as the wide variety of cleaners made available.   Below are some tips on how to keep your hardwood looking its best for years to come:

  1. Use the appropriate cleaner.   If a product does not state on the bottle that it will safely clean hardwood, then chances are you will take a gamble using it. Manufacturers widely recommend the Bona brand cleaners, mops, and accessories to safely clean your floor.
  2. Did someone accidentally spill something?   Never allow a spill to dry on its own as this can cause surface cracking or buckling.
  3. Cleated shoes and high heeled shoes are not for hardwood.  Even the slightest of women can exert 2000-3000 pounds per square inch of pressure on to the surface of your floor causing indentations.
  4. Use rugs where water is likely to splatter such as in front of the kitchen sink or at entryways where someone is likely to come in from the rain.
  5. Make sure to use floor protectors on the legs of all furniture.   These should create a buffer between the floor and the hardwood preventing indentations from the movement of the furniture.
  6. If you are having a lot of issues with heavy shrinkage in the winter, use a humidifier to reduce this effect by adding moisture to the air.
  7. Vacuum your floors regularly.  Use only vacuum cleaners that have the option to clean hard surfaces, as only these will safely stow away the beater bar bristles.
  8. Never let your home fall outside the range of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep the air conditioner or heater running when appropriate to maintain these levels.
  9. Use walk off mats on the outside of all entryway doors.  This will prevent grit and dirt from coming in to your home and scratching the surface of your hardwood.
  10. Use window treatments.  Most all hardwood is UV treated to prevent dramatic darkening or fading, but naturally this will occur overtime. Keep the sun’s rays away from your floor or diffuse them through a curtain to keep the color of your floor looking uniform.